ROTO Fire Pack

ROTO Fire Pack

The ROTO-FIRE-PAC is capable of extinguishing Class A, B and K fires by using foam mist as the extinguishing agent. The ROTO-FIRE-PAC is an effective alternative to handheld extinguishers, especially for mining proto – and emergency fire response teams. It consists of 2 x cylinders, a manifold and a RFP Gun (discharge nozzle) which are supported by a harness.


  • Nozzle “Stream” mode allows for rapid fire suppression from a distance from any angle
  • Has a range of up to approximately 12 meters with the Nozzle in “Stream” mode
  • Nozzle “Mist” mode shields the first responder from the heat and smoke with a mist barrier or “halo”
  • Nozzle “Mist” mode displaces oxygen away from the fire providing fresh air to the first responder
  • Is ideal for first responders, mining proto teams and fire-fighters; and
  • Is worn on the back, enabling the first responder to easily operate the RFP Gun
  • Compact, mobile, and effortless to use
  • Easy and economical to refill


  • High structures
  • Hidden fires and congested areas
  • Fuel storage areas
  • Conveyors
  • Underground and mining tunnels


Available Appointments on July 17, 2024

  8:30 am – 9:00 am1 space available
  9:00 am – 9:30 am1 space available