Fire pump sets and storage tanks

Fire pump sets and storage tanks

Fire pumps are essential components of a building’s, Wearhouse and in the mining industry fire protection system. Fire pumps are critical in distributing water through sprinkler, deluge and water reticulation feeding hydrants and hose reels systems where water pressure from water mains and firefighting equipment cannot reach.

Even in lower set buildings, a fire pump is key to containing a fire. Firefighting, at its best, is a hazardous business, but without a well-designed and professionally installed system and pump it becomes even more dangerous, and business assets and lives are put at greater risks tested. Expert fire makes use of NFPA and ASIB approved and registered suppliers and installers to insure complaints and approval.

Water storage tanks are tanks that supply water for water-based fire protection systems. Water tanks can be used for several different scenarios but most commonly they are used where an adequate supply of water is not available or reliable. There are several types of tanks that can be used as a water supply such as gravity tanks, suction tanks, and pressure tanks.

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