Commercial and Industrial Sprinkler Systems

Commercial and Industrial Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are the most effective means of life and property protection available. Fire sprinkler protection is required in all kinds of buildings: schools, office buildings, theatres, industrial premises, shopping centres and much more…

Commercial and industrial sprinkler systems are designed and installed to a number of standards, in the NFPA and FM Global Standards (both North American Standards).

Depending on the type of construction, occupancy, storage limits and other relevant risks, the sprinkler systems are designed to suit each risk profile.

Over and above the life-saving benefits of fire sprinkler systems, the construction of the building may be afforded benefits from cost-saving incentives available or ‘trade-offs’. By committing to fire sprinkler installations, the property may be eligible to offer trade-offs in the form of reduced physical fire separation, increase in fire compartment sizes, increase in storage limitations, that decrease costs and improve overall profitability.

Sprinkler systems are automatic fire extinguishing systems which detect and extinguish a fire before it grows into a large uncontrolled blaze.

Each sprinkler head is controlled by a burst glass which localises the sprinkler valve to the area of the fire source.

For areas which are not heated the system, where the pipe work is filled only with an air pressure which effectively holds the water at bay until activation, is recommended.

  • Storage, Manufacturing and Engineering warehouses and workshops
  • Mining and Processing plants
  • Offices parks and buildings
  • Power stations and plants
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Hotels
  • Airports and Aircraft hangers
  • Holiday and rental apartments and estates
  • Solar and sun energy plants
  • Private and Government Hospitals
  • Harbour and Marine Vessels
  • Petrol Chemical plants and storage farms

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