Underground Wi-Fi

Underground Wi-Fi

Expert Mining Solutions offers Turn Key Solutions that include:

Underground Communication with Wi-Fi Infrastructure and accessories. Applications such as Voice Communications “VOIP” Data transmission, monitoring control and system automation, personnel and vehicle tracking, SCADA, ethernet are supported through the industrial network.

The Platform can be configured as an Access Point, Hotspot or as a repeater commonly used in non-fiery mines or non-fiery sections of a coal mine.

The Intrinsic Safe Access Point has been designed to be bolted on to Section Machines and other equipment such as Power Centres with out the need of physical network infra structure in section.

Features Supported:

  • Voice Communication (Rugged Phones and Tablets EXIA approved)
  • Video Calling
  • Machine data transmission
  • Section Machine Camera Feed

In-By Communication

Why has this not been done successfully yet? Some reasons include:

  • Lack of Power due to AP power requirements (12-48v DC or PoE)
  • Not feasible running Ethernet Cables or Fibre Cables in a working section
  • Equipment Placement – Breakages etc.
  • Ownership ? Who looks after this equipment?
  • Section Moves? Again, who maintains and moves the equipment?
  • Cost per Section? – Traditional action plan to cover a section with Wi-Fi Comms

What is the Expert Mining Groups’ solution for this problem?

Built a purpose specific access point focusing on the following:

Power Issue:

  • An AP that can be bolted on to the jet fans in section
  • Tap power from the Jet fan by stepping down 1000v AC to 220v and then converting the 220v AC to 24v DC
  • Make use of quick connectors to provide for easy installation.

Cable Issue:

  • No need to run Fibre or Copper to the AP
  • Make use of WDS Links between AP’s eliminating the need for any cables

Equipment Placement:

  • Equipment can be installed on the Jet Fans, Switch Gear or Feeder Breaker
  • Can be installed inside the CM and SC panels
  • No equipment mounted on side walls or roofs


  • Due to the placement of the equipment, minimal ownership is required
  • Miners can mine – Need not worry about the network

Section Moves:

  • Because of mounting location of equipment – No extra team is needed to advance the equipment when the section is moving.
  • Equipment installed on Jet Fans, Feeder Breakers etc., will be moved when the rest of the section is moved. When power is switched back on, all these devices will switch on as well, meaning the network will be back up and running.

Cost per Section:

  • Less equipment needed to cover the whole section
  • Less equipment means less cost
  • Lower total cost of ownership

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